Listen to the Music

Bagpipe Revolution was recorded and mixed at Sage Arts Studio in Arlington, Washington.  Sage Arts specializes in making the highest quality acoustic recordings anywhere in the world using a combination of analog and digital custom electronic equipment.  The sounds captured on Bagpipe Revolution are among the best recordings of bagpipes ever created.

Listen to some excerpts from the album:

1. Hornpipes - Highland Pipes

2. Jigs - Scottish Small Pipes

3. Reels - Highland Pipes in 'A'

4. Angus G. MacLeod - Highland Pipes

5. Marches - Scottish Small Pipes

6. Jigs - Highland Pipes

7. And So It Goes - Highland Pipes in 'A'

8. Hornpipes - Highland Pipes

9. Evolution - Highland Pipes

10. Too Long In This Condition - Highland Pipes